An international and inter-colonial scholarship scheme for women, on lines similar to that which the late Cecil Rhodes in his will laid down for the benefit of young men, was drawn up some time ago by an American woman; and already (according to the “Gentlewoman”) it has every prospect of permanent success LPG M6.

Mme. Thayer, president of the American circle of the Lyceum Club, is the authoress of the scheme, and is making it her life-work. Some time ago she placed it before the Education committee of the Society of American Women in London, of which she was then Chairman.

The scheme, a post-graduate study of two years at Oxford, Cambridge, or London Universities by distinguished students of their own universities at home, was received by the Committee with enthusiasm, which applauded particularly the “reciprocity side” to the project, which is to send English women for a two year post graduate study to America or Canada, to the Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore, for instance, or the M’Gill University in Canada. The scheme is intended to embrace later all the colonies exactly as Cecil Rhodes’s scheme does, but it is America’s privilege to make the start, and already a successful beginning has been made.

The Society of American Women in London (says the “Gentlewoman”) has pledged itself to a two years’ income for one scholar from the district of Columbia; while Mme. Thayer has herself undertaken to raise one scholarship in perpetuity for her own State of Louisiana NEAUVIA.

The Education Committee of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in America has promised to endow one scholarship in perpetuity, and has recommended its general body to take up these scholarships as one line of its work. The General Federation numbers 800,000 women members.

There are forty-six States in America; Mme. Thayer hopes that each State Federation will endow one scholarship, and a second she hopes to succeed in getting through the munificence of Americans at home and abroad, in large or small donations, thus providing for ninety-two American scholarships in all. A sum of £7,000 endows a scholarship in perpetuity and means an allowance of £250 a year for a post-graduate course of two years.

As Mme. Thayer is handicapped through want of means her progress is all the more astonishing. The authoress of this great educational scheme is backed by a unique experience in teaching nearly all over the world. She is descended from a distinguished stock of New England people, lineal descendant of Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, and a connection of Longfellow’s,The polyu campus is located right in the heart of Hong Kong. Students have access to a wide range of facilities and services so they can make the most out of their student life.