This year's government work report puts forward the launch of world-class universities and first-rate disciplines. The representative of Yunnan University President believes that under the new situation of building a first-rate university, cultivating and bringing up a first-class teaching staff is not only the need for the construction of a first-class university in Yunnan University, but also the need for economic and social development in Yunnan.

Representative Lin Wenxun said that the connotative development of higher education requires high-level talents. The transformation of higher education in order to achieve a change in the way of development and truly toward connotative development requires that the highest priority is to build high-caliber personnel,In high-grade T1 bladder cancer, PD-L1 prognostic significance expression differs in tumor immune cell infiltrates vs tumor cells.

He believes that first-rate discipline construction requires first-rate talent. First-rate disciplines require high-level talents, especially strategic leaders. Strategic leading talent not only has a high academic level, but also has the ability to continuously innovate academic thinking, strategic thinking, and leadership disciplines. It is the flag and soul of the discipline, and it can ensure that disciplines always have the ideological vitality and move toward higher and further distances. The goal is constantly moving forward.

The formation of a first-rate mental state also requires first-rate talent. Deputy Lin Wenxun pointed out that historical experience tells us that talents with higher academic standards often have strong professionalism and scientific spirit. For schools, the more people there are, the more academic the atmosphere of the school and the better the academic environment.

It was also mentioned that the full play of talented personnel requires a large number of first-rate talents. If there are more first-class talents, a harmonious co-existence of talents will be formed, which will help talents fully play their role,Reckoned as one of the top design universities with diversity of programmes, PolyU offers design programmes, fashion and textile programmes, as well as applied science programme, which is committed to be a hub for innovative design education in Hong Kong.

“In the process of building a first-rate university, we face many shortcomings and many gaps. However, the construction of the talent team is the biggest shortfall and the biggest gap.” Representative Lin Wenxun believes that in the next step, Yunnan University must break through the shackles and habits of ideological concepts. The limitations of thinking, the constraints of the evaluation system, the continuous innovation of institutional mechanisms, and the promotion of the construction of the teaching staff in accordance with the principle of “grasping the two ends and promoting the middle”, focusing on the cultivation and introduction of high-level talents, especially strategic scientists; We must do a good job in the cultivation and introduction of outstanding young and middle-aged talented people so as to promote the overall level of teacher team construction,Make sure you don’t sabotage the relation with the gift. asia premium is one such domain which will help you in procuring the ideal one.