Depending on where you live, this winter has ranged anywhere from "mild" to "oh, it's winter?" No major blizzards, way less snow than usual and generally warm-ish temperatures across the country have made many people question if true winter is ever coming. But even though you've barely noticed a change in the weather, your skin, nails Neo skin lab derma21 and hair definitely have -- and they're probably starting to show signs of their plight.


Even in less-than-brutal conditions, your body will let you know when it's been the victim of the season's beating. Whether it's flaky skin, brittle nails or hair that clings worse than a sweater dress to sweater tights, these symptoms can be treated, both by care and keeping, and what you're eating and drinking.


You may be going gloveless this warm winter, but your body still needs a little extra love. Survive the slow slide into spring with these tips for fixing the winter icks, from the inside out.


If you've been licking your lips all winer in anticipation of spring, knock it off -- you're making your mouth sad. Think of your pucker like a newborn -- it's basically helpless, and needs a lot of extra care and attention. That's because the skin of your lips isn't like your other skin; it doesn't produce sweat, natural oils or any of Neo skin lab derma21 the other excretions that help skin stay supple on its own.



You've been so focused on your complexion and hat-hair, you've nearly forgotten about your sad, brittle nails, which can get torn up as a result of cold air and the temperature changes between indoors and out. But luckily, your nails are pretty forgiving, and simply paying more attention to them when moisturizing your hands can help keep them in tip-top shape.


Make it a point to rub lotion onto your nails and nail beds when you're re-greasing during the day. Also, increase your protein intake (either with supplements, or by eating more fish, or oily nuts like walnuts) to give them a chance at a better life.



The combination of wind and a lack of sunlight has the unfortunate effect of not only drying out your skin, but leaving it with an ashen, zombie-like pallor that's just not pretty. Get your glow back (without a visit to the tanning salon, because, let's be real, they're still not safe) by exfoliating, moisturizing and faking it.


While in the shower (when your skin is soft and your pores are open), scrub your face with an oil-free exfoliating wash, which also contains salicylic acid to fight acne -- because, weirdly, despite the fact that you look sallow and sad, you're also somehow breaking out. Then, right after the shower, apply a moisturizer that's also oil-free. Do the same thing even when you're not in the shower.


Even if you never, ever wear blush, winter's a good time to start. Find a nice, lightweight stain (Benetint, by Benefit is available from Birchbox and is amazing for looking healthy, and not like the ingenue of a soap opera) and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, (bear with me) the tip of your nose and along your hairline. I know it sounds strange, but it really does help perk you up.



Heaven knows you're already loathe to leave your bed each morning during these dark days, but, as if to add insult to injury, winter also has a way of making sure your hair is as abysmal as it can be. Wind and cold (as well as wooly hats and excessive rain) can strip the hair from root to tip, leaving it dry, staticky and prone to irritating flyaways.


To give your hair a break from the brutal conditions, shampoo it less frequently in the winter -- like, every other day or less (or consider going off shampoo altogether). And be gentle with it when its wet. If at all possible, cut out blow-drying, and don't brush your brittle strands straight out of the shower. Condition heavily, and consider a smoothing serum for added moisture. If you're broke (or don't like to spend money on beauty products), a tiny dash of extra virgin olive oil will actually take care of it quite nicely.


And because your hair and nails are similar, if you're already following the instructions about additional protein and fats, your hair will reap the rewards and grow in lush and lovely.



Probably one of the best things you can do to fight winter dryness and ickiness is drink water. Seriously. Drink water. You can also incorporate reenex cps inside-out moisturizers, like fish or krill oil capsules, or flax seed oil, to help your body produce enough lipids to keep you soft and smooth.


Caffeine and booze can also dry you out, so if you're into sipping your sins, be sure to increase your water intake, and carry your moisturizers (one for face, one for the rest of your skin) around with you.


If you've got itchy winter skin, make sure you've got a scrubbing loofah or brush waiting for you in the shower to remove any and all flakes. Then -- you guessed it -- slather on the lotion as soon as you get out.